Social Media Marketing

Car dealerships are social places.  We help you harness the brilliance of your team with the enthusiasm of your customers to create social media marketing clout.

The essential social media knowledge you need

The Selfie  - 1 Hour USD$397 - gives you a great overview of our 'Social Expressway' framework:

  1. Value Value Value Value
  2. Content Dealership Wide
  3. Customer Driven
  4. Targeting Your Audience
  5. 5 Minute Social Media Analysis
  6. Social Media House Rules

Traction Control:

Supercharge your social with our monthly subscription.  Enjoy some of our FREE video tips!

  • New Sales
  • Corporate and Fleet Sales
  • Used Sales
  • Service
  • Parts & Accessories
  • Finance and Insurance

Launch Control

We apply the value, sell, upsell, downsell model to a in-dealership launch and show you the true power of social media marketing.

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Please note that we set the highest standards for our clients.  You will take our courses with the intention of creating a legacy of innovation and marketing excellence in your dealership.